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The hostel was founded in 2008 when the Municipality of Vernazza granted the second floor of the building that once housed the schools of Corniglia to the Cinque Terre National Park which carried out all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work of the whole building.
Currently the structure consists of two rooms with 8 seats each and four double rooms.

The Vernazza Cooperative 2010 has always managed it from the beginning with the aim of being a point of reference for tourists but also for local authorities. In addition to providing an alternative to the usual B&B, hotel and landlord, we are in fact always available to welcome guests that the Cinque Terre National Park from time to time invites with socio-cultural purposes.

We firmly believe in an eco-sustainable development of tourism which, in magical places like ours, must be integrated with the extremely delicate socio-environmental balance.
We have been adhering for years to the Quality Label promoted by the Cinque Terre National Park and from 2017 to CETS.
Ostello di Corniglia
Via alla Stazione, 3 - 19018 Corniglia
Cinque Terre (SP) - Italy
P.IVA 01318120118
CITR: 011030-OS-0001

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